RMF KL93R Refillable Breather

The TDB series operates by the same efficient process as other Des-Case breathers. The difference is the serviceability of the breather and its high dirt holding capacity.



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KL93R Refillable Breather

The RMF air conditioner KL93R (desiccant breather) replaces the standard dust cap or OEM breather cap on equipment, offering better filtration to protect against even the smallest particulates. As air is drawn into equipment through the breather, the air filter removes solid particles while the ZR gel granules remove harmful moisture.


6.97″ x 3.78″ ±177 x 96 mm 3/4″ BSP Male

ModelPart NumberAirflow without Check ValvesAirflow with Check ValvesAdsorption MaterialZR Gel VolumeFilter EfficiencyTemperature RangeWater Adsorption Capacity (Maximum Water Retention)
93 SeriesTDB93R, TDB93RV24.7 cfm / 700 l/min10.6 cfm / 300 l/minZR gel 3-6 mm300 cc3 μm absolute (β₃ ≥ 200)-40˚F to 194˚F / -40˚C to 90˚C2.8 fl. oz / 86 gram
96 SeriesTDB96R, TDB96RV24.7 cfm / 700 l/min10.6 cfm / 300 l/minZR gel 3-6 mm600 cc3 μm absolute (β₃ ≥ 200)-40˚F to 194˚F / -40˚C to 90˚C5.5 fl. oz / 172 gram
121 SeriesTDB121R, TDB121RV53.0 cfm / 1.500 l/min14.1 cfm / 400 l/minZR gel 3-6 mm1,000 cc3 μm absolute (β₃ ≥ 200)-40˚F to 194˚F / -40˚C to 90˚C9.3 fl. oz / 288 gram
Spare Parts
ModelAir FilterZR Gel RefillSpare Kit*
93 SeriesSO-KL90 (9331034)300 cc / RF-TDB93R (9331156)SP-TDB93R (9318115)
96 SeriesSO-KL90 (9331034)600 cc / RF-TDB96R (9331155)SP–TDB96R (9318116)
121 SeriesSO-KL120 (9317903)1.000 cc / RF-TDB121R (9331157)SP-TDB121R (9318117)

*The spare kit contains 1x air filter, 1x refill container, 2x foam filters, 1x bottom seal stickers, 1x adapter plug.



For optimal performance of your equipment, hydraulic and lubricating oils should be kept free from solid and water contamination. However most fluid reservoirs must breathe to function, allowing water vapor and solid contaminants to enter. Temperature fluctuations in the reservoir will cause this water vapor to condense which will not only cause oxidation of the oil, but can also lead to considerable mechanical damage.

Filtration and dehydration: a single process

Standard air KL93R breathers remove some of the solid particles, but allow water vapor to pass freely. RMF desiccant KL93R breathers (also known as RMF air conditioners) deal effectively with both particle and water contamination. The air is dried by passage through a column packed with ZR gel granules. The dried air is subsequently filtered with the use of a pleated synthetic fiber filter element (replaceable spin-on type) that removes solid particles (down to 3μ). This process prevents contamination and oxidation of the oil and components, resulting in a prolonged service life of the oil and equipment and less down time. Reducing the total cost of ownership for your equipment.

Serviceable and non-toxic

All RMF desiccant breathers are completely serviceable. Due to the humidity indicator granules it is very easy to monitor the saturation status of the ZR gel granules. The indicator granules change colour, turning form ruby-red (active) to a light orange (replace). Refills of the non-toxic and non-carcinogenic ZR gel granules are available. The performance of the synthetic fiber filter (spin-on) can also be monitored by an optional ‘filter minder’. A wide range of spare parts is available.

Easy mounting

The desiccant KL93R breathers are compatible with almost all hydraulic and lubricating fluids applications, because of the wide variety of mounting plates.

  • Reduces oxidation of the oil and bearing surfaces
  • Prolongs the life of the equipment and oil (additive package)
  • Minimizes equipment downtime
  • Reduces cost of ownership


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