DC-BB Desiccant Breather

Desiccant breather with integrated standpipe, silica gel and layered filter media



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DC-BB Desiccant Breather

Desiccant Breather DC-BB designed to remove wet contaminated air from entering your machinery.

Desiccant Standard Breathers remove wet contaminated air is drawn through the unit, multiple 3-micron polyester filter elements remove solid particulate and the colour-indicating silica gel extracts moisture. When air is expelled from the container, the top foam pad prevents oil mist from contacting the silica gel or entering the atmosphere. DCE-BB Desiccant Breathers connect to a 3/8″ thread.

ModelUnit Height
(in / mm)
Unit Diameter
(in / mm)
Amount of
Silica Gel
(lbs / kg)
Absorption Capacity
(fl oz / ml)
Max Flow Rate
Filter EfficiencyOperating
Temp (°C)
DCE-BB3.87 / 982.52 / 643/8″ Multi-Fit
0.13 / .0580.8 / 231293µ absolute
-29° to


Part NumberDescriptions
DC-12-TThreaded Flange Adapter
DC-12-TGThreaded Flange Adapter with Gasket
DC-15-TBayonet Adapter
DC-SDVA-12M3/4″ NPT Vent Valve Adapter
DC-SDVA-16M1″ NPT Vent Valve Adapter