PROGNOST®-SILver is a flexible, SIL 3 certified platform for integrated asset protection. It offers everything operators and instrumentation professionals call for.

This system is designed to provide machinery protection while maximizing production uptime. This hardware incorporates a smart modular concept that enables you to gradually replace or expand your existing system for additional protection tasks. It also allows users of previous PROGNOST®-SILver racks to re-use their existing PROGNOST® input cards.




Meets your needs – for all machinery PROGNOST®-SILver is a flexible and fast paced data acquisition platform for critical asset protection. It offers everything: real-time SIL 3 certified machine protection, modular concept enables operators to add more machines at a future date, and designed for use in hazardous areas.

PROGNOST-SILver for signal acquisition and SIL 3 machine protection of all rotating equipment The system is designed to provide machinery protection while maximizing production uptime. The PROGNOST®-SILver hardware incorporates a smart modular concept that enables you to gradually replace or extend existing or add future machines for additional protection tasks. It also allows users of previous PROGNOST-SILver racks to re-use their existing PROGNOST® input cards. Focus on monitoring reciprocating machinery Reliable monitoring of reciprocating machinery faces a list of challenges. PROGNOST Systems started to create dedicated solutions over 30 years ago with the invention of the, industry standard, real-time segmented signal analyses. PROGNOST-SILver comes with the development source of millions of monitored opera ting hours of reciprocating compressors based on specialized analyses. Signal plausibility checks, proven reliable monitoring, and protection analyses prevent false trips and missed detects.

Segmented vibration analyses for reciprocating compressors PROGNOST Systems invented segmented vibration analysis with the best approach being to subdivide the 360° one machine revolution into 36 segments of 10° crank angle each. Crosshead slide: RMS vibration in 36 segments Crosshead slide vibrations provide information about machine integrity. Reciprocating machines have specific vibration characteristics that need to be factored into analyses to avoid false alarms. Vibration signals must be evaluated using the most accurate analysis. Only RMS (Root Mean Square) analysis has proven to be reliable because it considers not only amplitude, but also the energy content, of an impact.

Piston rod position: Peak-to-Peak in 8 segments The piston rod position is monitored and analyzed in 45° crank angle increments of every revolution to detect critical conditions of the piston rod and packing. This data can be used to calculate the rider ring wear. Also it is possible to transfer the average piston rod position to the customer DCS. Further analyses • Plunger position peak-to-peak • Gap protection • Cylinder pressure peak-to-peak differential pressure • Radial shaft vibration peak-to-peak • Axial shaft position peak and average • Vibration RMS and peak • Temperature average Certification of PROGNOST-SILver Meeting the latest and most rigorous industry standards provides neutral, third-party confirmation of our product performance and quality. PROGNOST-SILver holds, among others, the following certificates: IEC61508:2010 (SIL 3), ATEX, IECEx, US/CSA, KOSHA, GOST-R-Ex. Please refer to our website to see the full list of certificates.

Significantly reduced project costs Field data digitization and significantly reduced wiring costs are now possible by placing the PROGNOST®-SILver rack into the hazardous area close to the asset being monitored. (i.e. Zone 2; Class 1 Division 2). Not only does this lower the cost per loop, but also eliminates the need for free standing cabinets in controlled environment. For max. 45° C (113° F) ambient temperature, PROGNOST®-SILver installed inside the certified field enclosure, can be operated in hazardous area even without cooling (see different options available). Direct and short sensor wiring to the PROGNOST®-SILver field enclosure combined with ethernet and fiber optics to the central communication unit. This allows the most powerful, yet cost effective plantwide monitoring solution, resulting into SIL certified machinery protection with gapless, high resolution data available at all times.

Intrinsically safe channels in 17 slots PROGNOST®-SILver is the only protection hardware that offers 68 safe and SIL-certified inputs (mix of intrinsically safe (IS) and non intrinsically safe loops possible). A single PROGNOST® rack takes in signals from extensively instrumented production assets or from various machines in parallel. For you, this means both large capacity and high cost-efficiency. No barriers required PROGNOST-SILver has intrinsically safe Exi inputs on board for all channels. The Galvanic isolation per channel provides high interference resistance.