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FLIR T865-24°

FLIR T865 W/ 24° Lens, 640×480, -40°C to +2000°C, w/FLIR Thermal Studio Pro – 3 Month Subscription + FLIR Route Creator Plugin for Thermal Studio Pro – 3 Month Subscription


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The FLIR T8xx serie IR thermal imaging camera is a non-contact inspection tool with a 180° rotating optical block that allows users to safely and comfortably assess the condition of critical electrical and mechanical equipment in utility and manufacturing applications. With advanced features including unmatched temperature measurements down to -40°C, accuracy as good as ±1°C / ±1%, 1-Touch Level/Span contrast enhancement, and laser-assisted autofocus, you’ll get highly accurate temperature measurements every time. Pair the T865 with a 6° FOV IR lens to perform inspections on small targets from long distances.

The on-board Inspection Route system helps you record temperature data and imagery in a logical sequence for faster troubleshooting and repair. Adding a FLIR T865 camera to a condition monitoring/predictive maintenance program can help reduce maintenance costs, improve system efficiency and reliability, and prevent downtime due to outages.

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