FLIR IR thermography camera
FLIR IR thermography camera lens
FLIR IR thermography camera
FLIR IR thermography camera
FLIR IR thermography camera
FLIR IR thermography camera
FLIR IR thermography camera

FLIR T540-24°

FLIR T540 w/24° Lens, 464×348, -20°C to 1500°C and FLIR Thermal Studio Pro – 3 Month
Subscription + FLIR Route Creator Plugin for Thermal Studio Pro – 3 Month Subscription


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Diagnose potential faults in industrial, electrical, and mechanical systems, or discover temperature anomalies in R&D testing with the 464 × 348 resolution FLIR T540. This portable, ergonomic thermal camera offers advanced features like 1-Touch Level/Span and continuous laser-assisted autofocus, making it the perfect non-contact diagnostic tool for condition monitoring and research applications.

Streamline electrical/mechanical surveys, troubleshooting, and repairs with Inspection Route mode, which runs pre-planned routes created in FLIR Thermal Studio Pro (Route Creator plugin required) so users can record temperature data and imagery in a logical sequence. The built-in Macro Mode allows R&D users to quickly switch from wide angle to close-up analysis without changing the lens. When coupled with Research Studio software, the T540 helps engineers assess unexpected hot spots and find potential design flaws. The purchase of a T540 camera includes a 3-month subscription to FLIR Thermal Studio Pro and FLIR Route Creator.

FLIR T540 3

Outstanding Image Clarity

The T540 uses the power of FLIR Vision Processing™ to deliver detailed, smooth pictures with very little image noise. FLIR Vision Processing combines IR resolution, MSX®, and UltraMax® image enhancement with FLIR’s proprietary adaptive filtering algorithms to produce brilliant thermal images with up to 645,888 pixels. Plus, the T540 is sensitive enough to detect temperature differences down to <30 mK, for clear, low-noise results.

Alternative  IR lenses:

  • 14°
  • 24°
  • 42°

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