DC-4 Desiccant Breather

Desiccant breather with integrated standpipe, silica gel and layered filter media



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DC-4 Desiccant Breather

Desiccant Breather DC4 designed to remove wet contaminated air from entering your machinery.

Desiccant Standard Breathers remove wet contaminated air is drawn through the unit, multiple 3-micron polyester filter elements remove solid particulate and the colour-indicating silica gel extracts moisture. When air is expelled from the container, the top foam pad prevents oil mist from contacting the silica gel or entering the atmosphere. DC4 Desiccant Breathers connect to a 1″ thread.

ModelUnit Height
(in / mm)
Unit Diameter
(in / mm)
Amount of
Silica Gel
(lbs / kg)
Absorption Capacity
(fl oz / ml)
Max Flow Rate
Filter EfficiencyOperating
Temp (°C)
DBDCE-410.00 / 2544.10 / 1041″ Multi-Fit
1.88 / 0.8412.4 / 3654533µ absolute
-29° to 93°


Part NumberDescriptions
DC-12-TThreaded Flange Adapter
DC-12-TGThreaded Flange Adapter with Gasket
DC-15-TBayonet Adapter
DC-SDVA-12M3/4″ NPT Vent Valve Adapter
DC-SDVA-16M1″ NPT Vent Valve Adapter