Wi-care 200 Wireless Vibration cable
Wi-care inductive tachometer
Infrared Phototach
Wi-care 200 Accessories
Lube-care 400
vibration sensor

Wi-care 200 Accessories

Choose from the list below which related Wi-care 200 accessories you wish to add to customize your reliability plan.


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Wi-care 200 Accessories

Don’t Forget to Accessorize!

The Wi-care wireless asset monitoring device comes equipped with the technology and embedded intelligence that will help you increase reliability in your facility.
But it takes the right accessories to unlock the untapped potential of your investment.

Please contact your Local I-care Representative for more info.



Defining a good business case, connecting organizational silos, setting priorities, and freeing up budget is a major challenge for many enterprises when it comes to maintenance 4.0 and innovation.

Are you in the midst of a digital transformation and don’t yet have a scalable and reliable solution to implement your Industry 4.0 strategies. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. We bring scalable solutions to address your current business needs.


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