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Wi-care 130 = Triaxial Sensor with temperature included.

Portable Gateway, 4 Wi-care 130, 1 Wi-care 930 and 1 year software fee is included for the 4 transmitters of this package (additional transmitters will need an additional software fee).

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Brochure : Wi-care-100-series


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Wi-care 130 ExpertKit

Wi-care 130 
“Plug& Play” installation, powerful vibration technology and battery autonomy means that Wi-care 130 works without the cost and inconveniences of running cables. The Wi-care 130 ExpertKit sensors are configurable via the gateway, you have control over monitoring parameters such as timing of measurements, making Wi-care 130 one of the easiest to configure yet most powerful monitoring systems on the market.
Designed and used by I-care™ (the largest Condition Monitoring company in Europe), Wi-care 130 ExpertKit precisely measures and analyzes vibration and temperature information in the most inaccessible places and in extreme conditions.
Wi-care 130 wireless vibration technology is compatible with industry standards and provides the most effective and efficient solution to moving from hand-held to automated data collection; without compromising quality.

Wi-care 930 (Range extender)
The normal unobstructed range for Wi-care™ sensor is 100 meters (300 feet) which can be extended exponentially thanks to our range extenders; for example 2 extenders can reach up to 1.000 meters distance. Our Wi-care 930 solutions will overcome challenges of distance and obstructions in most industrial settings, there are almost no limits to Wi-care™ sensors!

In line with Wi-care™, I-care™ is proud to present its new technical innovation I-see™, the web-based platform integrating multiple predictive technologies and providing you a comprehensive and accurate diagnosis of your mechanical assets. The I-see™ cloud-based system enables easy access to all the data collected by Wi-care™ sensors including dashboards for management, detailed data for analysts and schedules for planners. The system is GDPR compliant, safe, secure and a very powerful tool enabling condition based maintenance decision-making.

The Expertkit is the portable version of the WI-care™ 100 series. It has been designed to meet the mobility needs of some Maintenance experts. Composed by 4 Wi-care™ sensors, a range extender and a gateway, the Wi-care™ 100 ExpertKit is a real Plug & Play monitoring solution that can be installed and setup in just a few minutes to monitor critical assets, even in hazardous locations.