VibVue High Frequency Pro Kit Motion Magnification

VibVue High Frequency Camera combines Motion Magnification technology with high-speed video capability and streamlined, intuitive software to help engineers precisely and easily acquire, visualize and analyze the data needed to quickly pinpoint root causes of vibration problems. Using VibVue® will result in reduced problem resolution time, lower maintenance costs, and decreased machine or plant downtime.

Pro Software, Kit, I-CARE Training: High Frequency CAMERA 

– VibVue® Pro Software (2 Licenses)
– 4 Lenses (6mm, 12.5mm, 25mm, 50mm)
– High Performance Laptop with Windows 10
– Tripod Laptop Stand & Sun Hood
– Light Kit – Two (2) Lights and Stands
– Laser Distance Meter
– Pistol Grip Professional Tripod with Quick Connect Camera Adapter Plate
– Cases, cables, accessories
– 2 days of training included
– One Year Software Maintenance & Support, One Year Review of Customer Video Data

VibVue® Camera:

Minimum Displacement and Motion Magnification Detection Threshold at 10’/3m FOV: 0.2 mils/5 microns pk-pk, <20% error
Frequency (Fmax) at Default Resolution: 640Hz @ 1280×720
High Frequency (Fmax) at Resolution: 2,230Hz @ 1280×200
Frequency (Fmax) at Max Resolution: 454Hz @ 1280×1024
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VibVue High Frequency Kit Motion Magnification

VibVue® is a registered Trademark.

VibVue® detects and displays vibration well under the ISO 10816 acceptance limits for comprehensive understanding even with high velocity, but low displacement.

  • Advanced Technology 

VibVue® implements Motion Magnification technology licensed from a major university in a combined software and hardware solution.

  • Fast & Easy 

VibVue® is fast, easy to implement, and less likely to miss critical issues, so problems can be diagnosed more quickly, and with more certainty.

  • Proven Technology 

25-year track record for solving difficult rotating machine vibration with VibVue High Frequency and dynamics problems is part of the video review Support Package.

VibVue High Frequency training, software support, video review, consulting, or optional hands-on troubleshooting for help identifying and solving vibration issues.

  • High Speed Video

Comprehensive pixels-are-sensors data allows you to easily see, measure, analyze and understand vibration for entire systems.

Find the problem root cause quickly and intuitively, avoiding a costly chronic trial and error approach.

  • Motion Magnification 

Implements high resolution Motion Magnification technology licensed from a major university.

  • Problem Diagnosis

Sophisticated analysis results to measure problems, validate computer models, and effectively communicate to decision-makers.