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Steel Grease Gun Tube


Steel Grease Gun Tube

Color-coded Steel Tubes are available in 10 colors as spare parts or for converting your existing grease gun. Fits most common styles.
Match the color-coded grease gun to an OilSafe color-coded Grease Fitting Protector and ensure the right grease is applied to the right equipment.

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Steel Grease Gun Tube

Oil Safe, Grease Safe – Steel Grease Gun Tube

media 332300 Beige
media 332301 Black
media 332302 Blue
media 332303 Dark Green
media 332304 Grey
media 332305 Light Green
media 332306 Orange
media 332307 Purple
media  332308 Red
media  332309 Yellow


Pump Color

Beige, Black, Blue, Dark Green, Grey, Light Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Yellow