RCL-ST250 Oil Sampling Tube

RCL-ST250 Oil Sampling Tube  (4mm int-6mm ext) – 250 meters coil. 


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RCL-ST250 Oil Sampling Tube.

Proper oil sampling tools are also needed to prevent the sample and the system from being exposed to the ambient air, which contains airborne contaminants like water or particles to assure an accurate Oil Analysis. Sampling oil without opening the bottle can be done using the right oil sampling hardware. Having a correctly sized and properly cleaned bottle, a zip-lock sandwich bag, the right sampling port and valve, and a sampling device like a vacuum pump are all things you’ll need to accomplish this.

Sample extraction tube: A sample extraction tube takes oil from the valve or sump to the sample bottle. If it is used with a valve, it will have a probe or adapter fitting on the end. Typically, sample extraction tubing is made of low-density polyethylene, bought in bulk and cut to size as needed.