RCL-OSJ-470 Oil Sampling Jar 470ml

RCL-OSJ -470 Oil Sampling Jar 470ml

Used-oil analysis is a respected, effective, inexpensive predictive-maintenance technique. It can help determine when to change oil based on its condition, predict incipient bearing failure so that corrective action can be taken in a timely manner, and diagnose bearing failure should it occur.

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RCL-OSJ-470 Oil Sampling Jar 470ml

Proper oil sampling is essential for an effective oil analysis program. Without a representative sample, further oil analysis efforts will be futile. Clear, ultraclean sample bottles are considered the best because of how clean and easy to inspect they are.

The sample bottle size should be based on the type of sample fluid as well as the number and types of tests to be conducted. For most standard oil analysis tests, oil samples are taken in a RCL-OSJ-470 Oil Sampling Bottle. For advanced or exception tests a larger bottle may be required.

An example of when a larger sample might be necessary would be for hydraulic fluid testing, especially aviation hydraulic fluid. Sample bottles can also come in smaller sizes for other applications. A RCL-OSJ-470 Oil Sampling Bottle can be the solutions in this case.

Setting up and implementing an effective industrial oil-analysis program is relatively easy to do, compared with other predictive technologies. It should be an included strategy in any industrial plant that purchases, stores, dispenses, changes, uses, or recycles lubricants as part of its manufacturing or maintenance process.

Most maintenance departments understand that the first step to a successful used-oil-analysis program is establishing and fostering a continuing relationship with a reputable laboratory. Although such laboratories offer and perform similar testing capability on the same equipment, they will differ slightly in their processes, methods, and reporting capabilities. Success is, therefore, primarily driven by methodologies that use consistent procedures to collect, test, and report on every sample.