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CategoryPartnumberShort descriptionQtyImage
Lubrication38-400NVacuum pump red w/ case16Vacuum pump red w case
LubricationDC-ND-2Breather DC-ND-2
9Breather DC ND 2
Oil level indicator
5des case oil level indicator lrg
LubricationDC-HG-8Breather DC-HG-8
5des case breather hg 1 lrg
VibrationCB206-A2A-010M/010M-ZSensor cable, jacket, 10 mtr armor, 10 mtr length; Blunt Cut4Sensor cable jacket 10 mtr armor 10 mtr length Blunt Cut
LubricationDC-OSGL15DPSSOil sight glass level monitor
2des case oil sight glass level monitors
LubricationDC-3 SBRZRBreather DC-3 with gel ZR2DC3 1 19
Vibrationmagnet target discsmagnet target discs230Mounting disk glue
VibrationMTL7728+Shunt Diode Safety Barrier22Shunt diode Safety Zener Barrier
VibrationA40SVMNTSpeedvue 2140 holder76Speedvue 2140 holder
VibrationMH130-1AMounting Disk with 1/4-28 Blind Tapped Hole, 1” (25.4 mm) Diameter71Mounting Disk with 1 4 28 Blind Tapped Hole 25.4 mm Diameter
VibrationCB110-C566-002-C330Cable for Speedvue 2140 D2547352Cable for Speedvue 2140
VibrationMH108-4BMOUNTING SCREW, STAINLESS STEEL, 1/4-28, 0.5” (13 MM) LENGTH30MH108 4B 250
VibrationMH108-1B1/4-28 to 1/4-28, stainless steel mounting stud24MH108 1B 250
VibrationTA102-1ADual output sensor, temperature/acceleration, 100 mV/g, 10 mV/C, top connector16ctc ta102 1a temperature sensors
Vibration602-544BNC connector cable 20m16BNC connector cable 20m
VibrationD24816protective lens Speedvue14Protective lens speedvue
VibrationAC292-1Dpremium compact Accel top exit9AC292 CTC
VibrationMX502-3C3 Connections4MX502 3C
VibrationMH136-1AFlat Surface Magnetic Base for Small Sensors6MH136 1A
VibrationCMX21774 Channel Voltage input adapter for CSI 2140, 8 pin circular M12 to 4x BNC for ABCD6CMX2177 4ch voltage input adapter for CSI 2140
VibrationM/AC194-1DAccelerometer, Side Exit 2 Pin Connector, 100 mV/g, ±10%; 1/4-28 Captive Bolt3AC194 250
VibrationIC-100T1005201I-care sensor
5I care Sensor 100mVg
VibrationD25499Accel extension cable (bnc-bnc) - 2mtr4Accel extension cable bnc bnc 2mtr
VibrationCMX210525 pin adapter, accel dual BNC outputs channelA channel B, For CSI 2120/21304
VibrationAC150-1Alow cost Accel top exit4AC150 250
VibrationCB110-C97-001.5-C330Cable Speeedvue 21304Cable Speedvue 2130
VibrationA06290V25 pins adapter Volt for CSI2120/2130325 pins adapter Volt for CSI2120 CSI2130
VibrationA6484 channels mux adapter34 channels mux adapter CSI2130 CSI2120
VibrationCB104-C555-006-D2CTurck-Mil coiled Cable (A) 2pin to 5pin 6ft2HS-AC146
VibrationM/AC210-1D100mV/g sensor2AC210 250
Test & MeasurementIR200Non-Contact Forehead InfraRed Thermometer889IR200